Development History

In December
  • Huafang Group listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, stock symbol :3611
  • Huafang Group launched Funverse, with four characteristics of identity scene, economy and civilization.
In may
  • Huafang Group has 415 million registered users
In December
  • acquisition of HOLLA Group was completed
In August
  • Huafang Group was ranked among "China's top 100 Internet companies" for the fourth consecutive year by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and China’s Internet Association
In February
  • innovative products and business patterns such as Cloud Party, Cloud Classroom, Cloud Recruitment, Cloud Clubbing, Cloud Theater and Cloud Wedding were launched immediately during the COVID-19 pandemic
In December
  • Hufang Group co-hosted "2020 Night of Huafang" with Songcheng Group, creating a path for integration between live streaming and contemporary performing arts
In April
  • Huajiao and merged into Huafang Group, leveraging advantages of PC clients and mobile apps simultaneously
In January
  • Huajiao launched “Millions Winners”, pioneering in live-streaming quiz game
In December
  • “Night of Huajiao” was broadcast on Beijing Television, and a charity show themed "Tongai Guangming (Helping amblyopia children regain eyesight)" was launched, and more than 1.5 million yuan raised
In December
  • Huajiao completed Series B financing of 510 million yuan
In July
  • Huajiao became the first platform in the industry to launch gesture special effect recognition system; this is the first time AI visual technology is applied in live streaming
In January
  • Huajiao completed A round financing of 230 million yuan
In September
  • the first industry event, “Night of Huajiao”, also known as the Oscar in the live streaming industry, was held in Beijing
In February
  • we became the first platform in the world to apply “Mengyan” AI special-effect feature in live streaming
In December
  • we became the first platform in the world to apply face beautifying feature in live streaming
In June
  • Huajiao was launched as " a mobile-based live streaming social platform that features strong partnership with celebrities", starting a era "Everyone's a live streamer"
In May
  • was officially launched, it is one of the earliest audio- and video-based social networking and live-streaming communities in China, and a pioneer and promoter of China's online live-streaming industry.