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About Huafang
Beijing Huafang Technology Co., Ltd. is an influential Internet company in China; we provide our users with entertainment live-streaming and social networking services. We have more than 20 domestic and overseas products including Huajiao, 6.cn, HOLLA, Monkey and so on, serving global users.

Huafang Group was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2022. The Group will continue to provide users with multiple products and services, and always uphold the mission of "Connect people with technology; spread happiness through companionship". We will constantly optimize our products with the power of science and technology and break the boundary of imagination, to create a future-oriented online social entertainment ecology --- FUNVERSE.

Design Concept The Logo of Huafang Group is based on the initial letter H of the brand "Huafang". The two vertical lines of H are analogous to two people, connected to each other by a line. The two ends of this line can be friends, holding hands and talking; they can be family members, relying on each other; they can be lovers, embracing each other.

The inspiration for the LOGO is a warm technological link that connects each other and the future. "When we are connected to each other, happiness takes shape." The super symbol "smiley face" in the Logo embodies the mission of Huafang Group to "Connect people with technology; spread happiness through companionship".

Huafang Group uses technology to enable people in the virtual world to break through physical boundaries, realize efficient social interaction across time and space, and find their own spiritual comfort, making every encounter heartwarming and no one feel lonely. The overall Logo presents a soft and full shape, showing the warm and beautiful emotions between people, and also embodying Huafang Group's brand concept of people-oriented and diversified development.

Brand Story When we are connected to each other happiness takes shape When people who are willing to share meet people who know how to appreciate the "I" become the "We" Your heart can beat with a confidant on the other side of the world making the unreachable become within reach You can fly every wild fantasy of you You can expect colorful chocolate candies in the box In this universe,you can light every beam of light you can create a world that only belongs to you out of little sand This is your Entertainment Metaverse This is your Funverse

Mission Connect people with technology,spread happiness through companionship
Vision Create an online social entertainment ecosystem with global influence
Values Speak the Truth、Respect the Fact、Break with Convention