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Light the passion, create bright prospects

Mission and Vision

Connect people with technology; spread happiness through companionship
Create an online social entertainment ecosystem with global influence


Speak the Truth
Tell the truth: Tell the truth at work, speak your mind, and tell no lies. Also, speak the truth from a professional point of view, and share your professional opinions, do not be a spectator and a bystander.
Speak sincerely: Stick to be goal-oriented, communicate sincerely, discuss and solve problems in meeting, and don't save it after the meeting. It is the responsibility of all managers to create an environment where the truth is spoken.
Respect the Fact
Let the results speak for you: Be true in word and resolute in deed. Respect the process, and be responsible for the result. Don't let nice people suffer losses, and do let the best people stand out.
Quick response and action: Words are deeds, quick response and action, no loaf on the job, hard working encouraged.
Break with Convention
Innovation and breakthrough: Dare to make breakthroughs, dare to create and innovate, take the initiative to make changes rather than sticking to convention.
Embrace change: Be sensitive to changes in the external market environment, and be ready to meet challenges rather being numb to crisis.

Talent Development

Huafang Group has a comparatively perfect double-channel career development system, which can explore the potential of employees and provide paths to continuous growth and career advancement. We would set up and improve our personnel training system step by step by developing quality content for sharing inside the company and introducing high-quality learning resources from the outside, providing diversified learning and self-improvement opportunities for our employees. We focus on the growth of employees at different stages.We recognize and reward high-performing employees and teams.We encourage employees to collaborate with team for common development.

Working Environment

Frank and open working atmosphere
No seniority in workplace; no ceiling at work; candid communication and innovation encouraged; employees have passion and energy.
Efficient and comfortable office environment
Open workspace and meeting space serves instant communication and the burst of inspiration.
Considerate leave and sttendence system
Flexible clock-in / clock-out time rule, generous annual leave and sick leave allow you to work at a more flexible pace.

Employee Care

Perfect health care
Besides five social insurance, one housing fund, and supplementary commercial insurance, there are also annual physical examination, medical kits, occasional free health check up, neck and shoulder massage, health lecture and other health care activities, ensuring your happiness and health in work and life.
wonderful workplace life
annual company party, anniversary greetings, festival activities, parent-child activities, and team building activities enrich your workplace life.
Colorful interest-oriented activities
Besides occasional fun sports events of different types, photography, mountain hiking, basketball, badminton, yoga, foreign Languages , script murder and others are also available for you.
Considerate welfare benefits
Rent concessions and overtime taxi; cash gifts in your important life events such as marriage, arrival of children, recovery from disease; we provide considerate and warm care services to improve your quality of life.